Neighbour Organization (NEO) Nepal is a non-profit and non-political organization, which was established on 13, October 1998. It has been registered at the Government of Nepal under the District Administration Office, Humla District, Karnali Zone (Regd. No. 34/055/56 and PAN Regd. No. 301656090) with the reorganization from the Social Welfare Council (Regd.No. 7909/1998/99).


Humla District

Nepal is predominantly an agricultural country and one of the poorest in the world. Agriculture contributes 60 percent of GDP and is the source, sustenance and employment to more than 90 percent of the population.

Humla district is located in Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. This is a least developing district of Nepal. The total population is 41,150 and out of that 20,024 are women according to the DDC Humla of 2058 population census of Nepal. About 98 percent of total populations are agriculture workers. The total agriculture land area of the district is 5020 hec. Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Humla district. The major crops grown in this district are maize, wheat, rice, buckwheat and potatoes. About 96 percent of rural women in Humla are illiterate. Rural women are also exploited, oppressed and marginalized both in the family and community.

Although Humla district (400 ft to 24064-ft elevation) is very rich from the point of view of natural resource endowment, it has lagged far behind in socio-economic, infrastructure Development, poverty alleviation and the Women’s empowerment. A study of development indicators of 75 districts of Nepal (1997) conducted by ICIMOD shows that this mid-western district is ranked 7th in the Poverty and Deprivation Index, 3rd in the socio-economic, infrastructure development index and 1st according to Women empowerment index. Though it is encouraging that it is ranked 56th according to natural resources endowment index, increasing deforestation and degradation of land and high incidence of poverty of the people called for appropriate development and conservation interventions to reverse the trend in Humla district.