Neighbour Organization (NEO) Nepal is established in 13 October 1998 has been registered in the Government of Nepal, District Administration Office Humla (Regd.No-34/055/056) with the reorganization from the Social Welfare Council affiliate No 7909/1998/99 and NEO-Nepal as an accredited observer organization of United Nations Conferences System.

NEO-Nepal has been active in the program aimed at enhancing the situation of rural women, backward communities, increasing the participant of stakeholders and common people to strengthen good governance, human rights and decentralization.

Recognizing the role of clean drinking water supply and sanitation in health of people, the NEO-Nepal has been engaged in ensuring sustainable and demanded-led water supply and sanitation benefits to the poor and remote areas CBOs and communities through scheme planning, management, supervision, monitoring, evaluation and operation and support for technical assistance.

Even though Nepal has been traditionally exploiting its water resources and exporting products of Natural Resource, lack of vision and inability to introduce modern technology in exploration has resulted reduction role in the national and international economy but would only stand on the manifestation of organization burning desire for excellence experience with professional competence with the unique chance to test ability to cope with the transition to a new setting, acquisition of new skills and improve the organization communicative abilities.

NEO-Nepal has involvement with community based organizations and support of marginalized men and women. Institutionalization of the NEO-Nepal in the drinking water and sanitation sector could enable it further to contribute to the broad cause of improving health and sanitation condition of remote villages and reduce poverty of poor, dalits, indigenous people and other communities by providing space and support for initiating new income generation opportunities.

NEO-Nepal has been working in very remote and conflicted area of Mid and Far western Nepal, which is run by Water supply and sanitation program and Social Mobilization Activities on Humla, Mugu, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Salyan, Rukum, Pyuthan, Gulmi, Dolpa and Dang Districts. As the major needs of Mid and Far western region districts are the following below: -

-  Community group organization and management.

  • Conflict sensitized
  • Human rights activities
  • Good governance
  • Capacity building
  • Poor farming system, due to lack of skill.
  • Rapid environmental degradations.
  • Little know, how of managing natural resources and herbs.
  • Massive illiteracy, poor health and wrong traditions.
  • Very slow infrastructure and development activities etc.

To overcome the above problems, NEO-Nepal is interested to solve as a partnership efforts in any district of Nepal. It will be helped as an independent NGO in sectors like local self-governance; local bodies and decentralization; women empowerment, human rights, social justice, Conflict Resolution and resource management. NEO-Nepal gets the opportunity to lunch program of conflict resolution through social mobilization; it could become a prime model for conflict resolution in Nepal.


In conclusion, I wish to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all associated with NEO-Nepal's activities during the present and past year. I wish to express special gratitude to the NEO-Nepal Board for steering NEO-Nepal through difficult times. I also thank RWSSFDB/World Bank, CBWSSP/Asian Development Bank, DRILP/Asian Development Bank and other supporter line agencies for the unending financial support and continued contributions to our development efforts and institutional strengthening activities. My sincere thanks go to the entire staff of NEO-Nepal at all levels for their continued hard work and determination. My appreciation goes to all the support organization, community users group of program lunching districts for they're critical but constructive support. My special thanks to Arbonaut Ltd, Finland and their team members to support for making of NEO-Nepal webpage.

Thanking you



(Er. Padam B. Hamal)

Executive Chairperson

Neighbour Organization, Nepal